Wolves And Wilding: A Conversation

In 2018 we met up with Colin Murdoch, a west coast deer stalker who gave us his perspective on rewilding in The Voice. Colin then asked to turn the tables and on a blustery December morning in Lochcarron, he posed some challenging questions to our Director, Peter Cairns.



Change is never easy. It means committing time and energy to something you’re not familiar with and often, where the outcome is unknown. SCOTLAND: The Big Picture advocates for rewilding as a positive and progressive pathway to breathe new life into our damaged and degraded ecosystems, but the future for rewilding rests with people and their willingness to embrace change.

Building Bridges is an initiative that seeks to open up fresh, constructive and respectful conversations between people who may not share the same values or priorities but are united by the human need for a nature-rich world.