We're proud to introduce our talented team, working to make more rewilding happen. 


Photo of Kirsten Brewster

Kirsten is responsible for driving forward our commitment to returning lost species to our landscapes.

Kirsten Brewster Wildlife Comeback Lead

Photo of Emma Brown

Emma oversees our comms team, developing and delivering content and media which maximises engagement and drives support for rewilding.

Emma Brown Head of Communications and Engagement

Photo of Peter Cairns

A long-time advocate for rewilding, Pete leads the SBP team, ensuring the charity remains fleet-footed and impactful.

Peter Cairns Executive Director

Photo of Hayley Gray

Hayley works closely with our project leads to ensure we are delivering against our commitments to funders and supporters.

Hayley Gray Head of Projects

Photo of Mark Hamblin

A multi-talented photographer for more than 30 years, Mark brings our stories and content to life through the lens of his camera.

Mark Hamblin Visual Content Creator

Photo of Mat Larkin

Mat heads up our Creative Campaigns team, overseeing SBP’s expanding creative outputs.

Mat Larkin Creative Campaigns Lead

Photo of Stef Lauer

Stef develops our innovative programme of rewilding training courses and study tours, as well as managing our team of guides and trainers.

Stef Lauer Rewilding Training Lead

Photo of Tierney Lloyd

As part of SBP’s filmmaking team, Tierney spends much of her time behind a camera, but also plays a key role in optimising the impact of our campaigns.

Tierney Lloyd Visual Content Creator

Photo of Aidan MacCormick

Aidan is SBP’s in-house ecologist, working with our Northwoods partners to enable more rewilding actions on the ground.

Aidan MacCormick Northwoods Rewilding Officer

Photo of Jocasta Mann

Jocasta manages SBP’s digital communications and works with the press and media to maximise the visibility of our work.

Jocasta Mann Digital Communications and Media Lead

Photo of Tara Mann

Tara oversees SBP’s administrative and management processes, ensuring there is a reliable and effective virtual office function at the heart of our operations. 

Tara Mann Office Manager

Photo of Jane Morris

Jane is responsible for the operation and development of our exciting programme of rewilding experiences.

Jane Morris Rewilding Experiences Lead (maternity cover)

Photo of James Nairne

James supports our growing community of Northwoods land partners across Scotland, all committed to nature recovery.

James Nairne Northwoods Rewilding Network Lead

Photo of Emma Razi

Emma heads up SBP’s income generation, supporting the long-term sustainability of the organisation.

Emma Razi Head of Fundraising

Photo of Sharyn  Robertson

Sharyn supports SBP's day to day financial activities and manages the HR needs of our growing team. 

Sharyn Robertson Finance and HR Assistant

Photo of Sarah Sall

A key member of SBP’s fundraising team, Sarah works to ensure a diverse income stream and oversees our supporter journey.

Sarah Sall Fundraising Officer

Photo of James Shooter

As a key member of our communications team, James tells SBP's stories through impactful and engaging content.

James Shooter Visual Content Creator

Photo of Kathleen Slaney

Kathleen’s focus is building meaningful relationships with corporate partners and developing sustainable investment in rewilding.

Kathleen Slaney Rewilding Investment Lead

Photo of Sofia  Sosa del Valle

Sofia supports the wider Northwoods team to ensure the network runs efficiently and effectively. 

Sofia Sosa del Valle Northwoods Rewilding Support Officer

Photo of Chrissy Sprinks

Chrissy is responsible for the development of mechanisms to engage communities of place and interest with SBP’s rewilding projects.

Chrissy Sprinks Community Development Officer

Photo of Bryony Stimpson

With over 20 years in charity finance, Bryony oversees all aspects of SBP’s financial management.

Bryony Stimpson Head of Finance

Photo of Neil Wakeling

As part of our wider team, Neil is the driving force behind SBP’s bespoke website.

Neil Wakeling Web Developer

Photo of Hugh Webster

From long-format stories to press releases to film scripts, Hugh writes much of our content and is at the heart of SBP’s storytelling.



Hugh Webster Storytelling Lead


Photo of Andy Bevan

Andy brings over a decade of experience working within the Third Sector. His strengths lie in fundraising, relationship management and strategic leadership.

Andy Bevan

Photo of Karen Blackport

Karen brings 25 years of business leadership and charity governance experience to SBP, as well as skills in the practical, ecological and social aspects of rewilding and conservation restoration. 


Karen Blackport Chair

Photo of Liliana Corrieri

Liliana is an equity, diversity and inclusion professional with a great passion for the natural world. She supports SBP on internal policies and processes, and people and organisational development.

Liliana Corrieri

Photo of Alan Hepburn

As a teacher and trustee of SBP, Alan works to ensure that young people have their voice heard when discussing the future of the natural environment in Scotland.

Alan Hepburn

Photo of Elliot McCandless

Elliot brings his experience as a finance professional to SBP, as well as his passion for conservation and rewilding.

Elliot McCandless