We are a small team of professional communicators that includes photographers, filmmakers, writers, designers and educators. We have many years of experience researching, interpreting and telling compelling stories about the natural world, across a wide range of media platforms.


Peter Cairns

Director, Photographer, Videographer

Peter is a conservation photographer with over 20 years professional experience under his belt. He has co-founded major communication initiatives such as Tooth & Claw, Highland Tiger, Wild Wonders of Europe and 2020VISION. Peter is a Director of The Wild Media Foundation, the Company behind SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. A long-time advocate for rewilding, Peter is a serving Board Member of Scottish charity Trees for Life, and is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Mark Hamblin

Director, Photographer, Videographer

Mark Hamblin is a founding Director of The Wild Media Foundation and has worked as a professional nature photographer for the past 20 years. He has contributed to, and co-managed, numerous conservation projects including Wild Wonders of Europe, Tooth and Claw, Highland Tiger and most recently 2020VISION. Previously widely travelled, Mark is now focused on documenting the stories of a wilder Scotland and its wildlife from his base in the Cairngorms National Park.

James Shooter

Director, Photographer, Videographer

James has a BSc in Zoology with Conservation and an MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging giving him a strong interest in conservation science and a passion for exploring ways of communicating ideas, stories and opinions. He is a director of The Wild Media Foundation where he helps develop multimedia narratives for a range of conservation bodies and now concentrates on video production and aerial photography for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture having become a CAA approved drone pilot.

Alan Hepburn

Director, Education Manager

For the last twelve years, Alan has been an educator with a focus on outdoor learning, motivated by his passion for the wild and his concern for the environment. Before becoming a teacher and outdoor learning coordinator, he led communications agencies in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Alan now brings this mixture of skills and experience to Scotland: The Big Picture and plans to develop innovative education materials and messages to reconnect young people with nature in Scotland.

Mat Larkin

Director, Videographer

Mat is a conservationist, filmmaker and cameraman. He has worked with a multitude of broadcast and commercial clients for the past 15 years, including BBC, STV and Channel 5. He founded White Tip Media in 2008, and in 2015 was awarded the Eden Channel's "Nature Filmmaker of the Year" by UKTV. He currently lives in the Cairngorm National Park.


Gordon Eaglesham

Content Editor

Gordon Eaglesham is a published writer, lifelong wildlife enthusiast and rewilding supporter based in the Scottish Borders. He has written for publications such as BBC Wildlife magazine, Scottish Islands Explorer and Bird Watching magazine. In 2014 he launched his own blog to promote local, national and international wildlife news and comment.

Emma Brown

Communications Coordinator

Based in the Scottish Highlands, Emma is a freelance marketing professional with a background in the nature and conservation photography industries. She has worked on various visual media projects including 2020VISION, Tooth & Claw and Wild Wonders of Europe.


We believe that young people’s voices should be valued and influence our decision-making.  Our inspirational Young Rewilders are committed to driving positive change towards a vast network of rewilded land and we will support their efforts in doing so.

Look out for our Young Rewilders on social media and at our events. 


Holly Gillibrand

I am a 13 year old conservationist and environmental activist. I school strike for the climate, I support various wildlife charities and I campaign against wildlife persecution in Scotland. I am also a columnist for the Lochaber Times and I write a nature blog called 'A Cry For The Wild'. I am really proud to be a young ambassador for Scotland: The Big Picture because rewilding is about restoring Scotland's ecosystems and creating a haven for a diverse number of species. It is also about reconnecting people to nature which is very important

Xander Johnston

I’m just a normal school boy living in the Cairngorms national park in the Scottish Highlands, doing all the normal things a kid my age does, but I also have a passion for nature. My speciality is the ‘little guys’ - the insects, especially ants. Without insects the whole ecosystem would fail, that’s why I spend my spare time helping to protect and educate people (via my YouTube channel) about some of the rarest and most special species of insects in the Cairngorms.

Rewilding means everything to me, it’s a way to get back in touch with nature, understanding our place in the ecosystem and doing what we can to reverse the damage we have done in the past, helping it once again to thrive. You don’t need to be an expert to make a difference, simple changes like growing some wild flowers in your garden, building a bug hotel or volunteering on a local conservation project makes a huge difference

Michael Sinclair

I’m a 14 year old Glasgow-based conservationist and environmental volunteer. I’m passionate about all aspects of nature and am involved in several local community projects aimed at protecting and enhancing wildlife and encouraging younger people to get involved. I’ve just completed a project to build 60 nest boxes and 20 bat boxes for my local park and will be coordinating the monitoring programme tracking their use. I blog regularly about my volunteering and nature interests on my website.

It’s important that children are taught to respect nature at an early age and that there are fun and interesting ways to build their knowledge and confidence and maintain their interest over time. Rewilding can be on a big or small scale but involves connecting with nature and understanding the interactions and relationships that will support biodiversity. As a Young Ambassador for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture I’m looking forward to playing a role in rewilding our wonderful country.


Gus Routledge

Whilst wandering the hills, forests, coasts or rivers of Scotland, I often find myself wondering how we can better manage the landscape for nature and for people. As a young ecologist, I’m always developing my knowledge of all sorts of things, from individual species and their requirements and habits, to entire habitats and the way in which they function. I also take interest in the impacts of people upon the landscape: how their behaviour influences the Scottish landscape and why we do what we do.

I'm very pleased to be joining the SCOTLAND: The Big Picture team as I too believe we can achieve a wilder Scotland that will benefit the economy, society and the environment. It's exciting to be part of a team that's making this happen!


Photo & Video

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  • Guy Richardson
  • Neil McIntyre
  • Alex Nail
  • Andrew O’ Donnell

Art & Design

  • Amber King
  • Matthew Lissimore
  • Phil Mumby
  • Adam Alexander


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  • Matthew Hay
  • Nick Underdown


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