Peter Cairns Executive Director

Peter Cairns

Executive Director

Peter has spent over two decades as a photographer, videographer, nature tourism operator and environmental communicator. He is a co-founder of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, having previously directed major conservation media initiatives such as Tooth & Claw, Wild Wonders of Europe and 2020VISION. A long-time advocate for rewilding, Peter is a serving board member of Trees for Life, and is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Bryony Stimpson Head of Finance

Bryony Stimpson

Head of Finance

Bryony has focused on charity finance for over 20 years, supporting organisations as diverse as a community-based hospice, a credit union and an organic vegetable growing cooperative. SCOTLAND: The Big Picture brings together her love of Scotland and her conviction that the restoration of our natural environment is the most pressing need of our time.

Emma Razi Head of Fundraising

Emma Razi

Head of Fundraising

Emma has worked in the charity sector in Scotland for more than 10 years in a variety of roles including project management, development and fundraising. She has a passion for the ‘great outdoors’ and an interest in the link between nature and wellbeing. As Head of Fundraising Emma’s role is to support the long-term sustainability of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.

Emma Brown Head of Communications and Engagement

Emma Brown

Head of Communications and Engagement

With an extensive background in marketing within the nature tourism, conservation media and charity sectors, Emma now mananges our marketing activity and events.

Hayley Gray Head of Projects

Hayley Gray

Head of Projects

Hayley has worked in project management, change management, publishing and fundraising across a variety of corporate and charity organisations. She oversees SBP's wide range of projects and works closely with our project leads to ensure we are delivering on our commitments to funders and supporters.

Mat Larkin Filmmaking Lead

Mat Larkin

Filmmaking Lead

Mat is a conservationist, filmmaker and cameraman. He has worked with a multitude of broadcast and commercial clients for the past 15 years, including BBC, STV and Channel 5. In 2015 he was awarded the Eden Channel's Nature Filmmaker of the Year by UKTV. Mat lives in the Cairngorms National Park, where he develops SCOTLAND: The Big Picture’s expanding film portfolio.

James Nairne Northwoods Rewilding Network Lead

James Nairne

Northwoods Rewilding Network Lead
Having spent much of his career abroad, James worked in conservation advocacy before joining SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. He is now the Project Manager for Northwoods Rewilding Network, where he is able to draw on his passion for wildlife conservation and his background in Law and Environmental Management.


Kathryn Morris Rewilding Experiences Lead

Kathryn Morris

Rewilding Experiences Lead
Kathryn has spent much of her career in South Africa, working in the nature-based and educational travel sectors. She has a background in environmental conservation and a keen interest in the transformative power of experiential travel. Now living in the Cairngorms National Park, Kathryn manages the operational elements of our Rewilding Experiences. 

Stef Lauer Rewilding Training Lead

Stef Lauer

Rewilding Training Lead

With a background in hospitality, nature-based travel, environmental education and outdoor guiding, Stef works to develop our rewilding training courses and study tours. You will also see her guiding our Rewilding Experiences, sharing her passion of all things Scottish and nature with others. 

Kathleen Slaney Rewilding Investment Lead

Kathleen Slaney

Rewilding Investment Lead

Kathleen is focused on our corporate partnerships and investments. She is particularly interested in the emergent natural capital approach and the opportunities it presents for both nature restoration and thriving businesses.

Jocasta Mann Digital Communications and Media Lead

Jocasta Mann

Digital Communications and Media Lead

Jocasta's background in marketing and communications spans a range of industries and sectors, though it ultimately led her to pursue her lifelong passion for the natural world. Working in species conservation comms since 2020, she takes a real interest in the connections between people and nature, prizing the opportunity to listen to many voices and collaborate with a range of people.

Hugh Webster Storytelling Lead

Hugh Webster

Storytelling Lead

Hugh’s background is as a behavioural ecologist, having completed his PhD studying competitive interactions between lions, spotted hyenas and African wild dogs, but he has since had a varied career, working as a biology teacher, a freelance writer, and a volunteer firefighter. He continues to be involved in environmental education in Southern Africa, but his home is in Scotland, where he believes rewilding offers human and non-human communities a healthy and hopeful future.  



Mark Hamblin Visual Content Creator

Mark Hamblin

Visual Content Creator

Mark has worked as a professional nature photographer and communicator for the past 25 years. He has contributed to, and co-managed, projects including Wild Wonders of Europe, Tooth and Claw and 2020VISION before co-founding SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Previously widely travelled, Mark now focuses on documenting the stories of a rewilded Scotland from his base in the Cairngorms National Park.

Tierney Lloyd Visual Content Creator

Tierney Lloyd

Visual Content Creator

Tierney is a conservation photographer and filmmaker with a BA(Hons) degree in Marine and Natural History Photography. Since graduating in 2019, Tierney has been involved in multiple conservation projects and most recently worked for Highlands Rewilding as part of their start-up team. Having lived in the Great Glen since a young age, she has a keen interest in connecting people to the natural environment through visual media. 

Tara Mann Office Manager

Tara Mann

Office Manager
Tara has over 10 years administrative experience working for corporate organisations as a source of critical support. She is passionate about Scotland and feels fortunate to be part of the SBP team, helping to drive the recovery of Scotland's nature through rewilding.

Sarah Sall Fundraising Officer

Sarah Sall

Fundraising Officer
Sarah has an affinity with nature and has worked on many environmental projects aimed at reconnecting people to nature whilst conserving it for future generations. She has worked in the third sector for over ten years and brings her positivity and fundraising skills with her to support the team at SBP.

Aidan MacCormick Northwoods Rewilding Officer

Aidan MacCormick

Northwoods Rewilding Officer
Aidan is an ecologist with an interest in surveys and monitoring for conservation projects. With over 20 years’ experience of conducting surveys from uninhabited islands in Alaska to Cloud-forests of the Bolivian Andes and relict woodlands on the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border. Aidan’s focus is now much closer to home, working to actively implement rewilding activities with landowners and designing surveys to monitor and evidence biological change at sites across Scotland.

Neil Wakeling Web Developer

Neil Wakeling

Web Developer

Neil is a web developer, musician and nature photographer. He is passionate about the environment and raising awareness of the necessity for humanity to take a different path.  He is rarely photographed, spending most of his time locked in the digital dungeon.


Karen Blackport

"We have but a brief moment in time to make a real difference, to preserve our environment, its biodiversity and ourselves."

Karen Blackport

After twenty years in the biotechnology industry, Karen retrained in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health and in 2022 established Bright Green Nature, a Scottish Borders based charity focused on ecosystem restoration and community outreach. Her focus is in restoring a species rich meadow and developing a sustainably run, ecologically rich estate. Karen holds Trustee positions at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, where she is Vice Chair, and at Scottish Environment Link.

Alan Hepburn

"I hope, that in the future, my children will be able to explore an expansive and biodiverse network of interconnected habitats traversing Scotland from East to West and North to South."

Alan Hepburn

Alan is a teacher with a focus on outdoor learning, motivated by his passion for Scotland’s environment. Before his role in education, he led communications agencies in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Alan now brings this mixture of skills and experience to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and manages our Young Rewilders programme.

Elliot McCandless

“As we stand on the brink of ecological collapse, it is no longer enough just to conserve what we have left. We must look to restore all that we have lost.”

Elliot McCandless

Elliot is a finance professional with a passion for conservation and rewilding. For the past three years he has been a Trustee for Scottish Wild Beaver Group where he has worked to secure a future for beavers and their wetlands throughout Scotland.

Gus Routledge

“Many of us suffer from ecological blindness. We don’t see the degraded landscapes and the animals we’ve lost because we’re not conditioned to look.”

Gus Routledge

Gus is an ecologist with a particular interest in northern ecosystems. He spends much of his time in Scotland’s wild places working out what the landscape could look like and the species it could support, if it were rewilded. He also likes to understand the role people can play in making Scotland an ecologically richer country.

Andrew Wolffe

“We need individual and collective action - and fast - if we want to ensure Scotland's rich biodiversity is given a chance to flourish.”

Andrew Wolffe

Andrew is a designer with over 30 years experience at the highest level and working for a global client list. Brought up and still inextricably drawn to Galloway, Andrew is keen to ensure the rewilding message is clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

Hannah Moneagle

“Our collective future depends on the active restoration of our environment. It has never been more important."

Hannah Moneagle

Hannah is a practising Scottish Solicitor and the Director of the Grampian Community Law Centre, which is a student-led legal service forming part of the Robert Gordon University’s Law School. Hannah operates two Clinics under the umbrella of the Centre: a Community Clinic and a Climate Clinic. The Climate Clinic focuses on legal issues encountered in planning, development, environmental, and animal law matters at grassroots level for members of the public, and operates in association with the Environmental Law Foundation. Hannah is also a Lecturer and Academic who focuses on wildlife crime matters. She is a member of the UK Centre for Animal Law’s Scottish Steering Group and Wildlife Working Group, Police Scotland’s North-East Partnership against Rural Crime and the North-East Partnership against Wildlife Crime, and is the former Crime & Advocacy Advisor for Scottish Badgers. She is also the Land & Rewilding Manager for an area of mixed woodlands in Aberdeenshire.

Liliana Corrieri

"The societal disconnect from nature is strongly intertwined with issues such as poverty and inequalities. For me, the restoration of healthy ecosystems has to deliver for all species, including our own."

Liliana Corrieri

Liliana is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) professional, and a vegan committed to environmental protection, sustainability, conservation, and rewilding. She is also member of the Equality Advisory Panel of the Cairngorms National Park Authority.