Across mainland Europe, nature is making a dramatic recovery – could Scotland be next?


Across mainland Europe, nature is making a dramatic recovery. Wildlife is returning, forests are expanding, rivers are being set free and wetlands restored. As nature bounces back, people are returning too, finding new economic opportunities and enjoying the many benefits of a revitalised landscape.

So, if rewilding can happen in Italy, Germany, Poland and Norway, could Scotland be next?



More and more of us are becoming aware that Scotland ranks as one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth, but what if a different future was possible? What is happening across Europe shows us how landscape-scale ecological restoration can deliver major benefits for nature, climate and people.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a founding member of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a collaboration between organisations who are calling for Scotland to declare itself the world’s first Rewilding Nation, with nature flourishing across 30% of all our land and seas.


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Why Not Scotland? is a feature-length documentary, which forms a central part of the Alliance’s Rewilding Nation campaign. The film accompanies Flo, a young Scot from Glasgow, on an intensely personal journey, as she seeks out examples of nature recovery around Europe. Like many of her generation, Flo is concerned by the state of nature and fearful about an uncertain future. However, during her travels, she discovers places where nature is making a spectacular comeback, breathing life back into the landscape and revitalising human communities. Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: Why Not Scotland?

Filmed during the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Why Not Scotland? showcases many of the transformational changes already happening elsewhere in Europe and presents the exciting possibility of Scotland enjoying a similar revival. The film will be released in spring 2024, beginning with a nationwide screening tour.

Why Not Scotland? has been produced on behalf of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance with support from: Trees for Life, Rewilding Britain,The European Nature Trust, Rewilding Europe, Woodland Trust Scotland and Kilchoan Estate.


screening tour


In March 2024, Why Not Scotland? will embark on a screening tour across Scotland. 

15 March | Edinburgh | National Museum of Scotland (Premiere) | FULLY BOOKED
16 March | Edinburgh | National Museum of Scotland | FULLY BOOKED
21 March | Peebles | Eastgate Theatre 
22 March | Oban | Phoenix Cinema
29 March | Dundee | Dundee Contemporary Arts | FULLY BOOKED
30 March | Inverness | Eden Court | FULLY BOOKED

Tickets are free of charge and must be booked in advance to guarantee entry.



If you share our vision for a country that once again teems with life and you want to see Scotland become a Rewilding Nation, you can show your support by signing the Rewilding Nation Charter, launching in spring 2024.