Carrifran Valley in the Scottish Borders, site of major woodland restoration project, Scotland.


A major gift to SBP is an investment in Scotland’s nature, climate and people.

Become part of an inspirational group of people who contribute considerable philanthropic gifts to SBP.

These people move us closer to our vision – the creation of a vast network of rewilded land across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.

£10,000 could support our work calling on Scotland to become the world’s first Rewilding Nation.

£50,000 could enable more land managers to commit to nature recovery, delivering benefits to wildlife, climate and people.

£100,000 could transform our ecosystems by returning missing species, such as the lynx.

'We are proud to be a major donors. There is a need to drive support for rewilding across Scotland, show people what it can really achieve. We want to see Scotland committed to nature recovery, with the resources to do so.'

Nigel and Sasha Roberts

Our promise to you:

  • Your donation will deliver the maximum impact
  • You choose how we update you
  • You decide how your gift is recognised
  • You can see our work in action and meet other major donors

Gift Aid your donation

UK tax-payers can increase their gift by completing a Gift Aid declaration. This could increase your gift by an additional 25%. Please note that you must have paid income tax on the amount of Gift Aid claimed in the tax year you made your donation.

If you're a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation. For a 40% rate taxpayer, that means for every £1 you donate, you can claim back 25p in tax relief.

'Our major donors are vital. They enable the transformational change to the living systems on which we all depend.'


Karen Blackport, SBP Chair

To find out more about the pivotal role you can play, please contact Emma Razi, Head of Fundraising.