What change do we want to see?

More people, at all levels, understanding the challenges relating to climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, and how rewilding can help provide a solution to both.

What are we doing to drive this change?

We believe passionately in the power of storytelling to help turn the tide for nature recovery. Across our writing, visual media and events, as well as our practical projects, we communicate using forward-looking, positive narratives to demonstrate how rewilding looks and works, and the benefits it can deliver.

We recognise that reversing ecological decline relies on changing the way we perceive and relate to the landscapes we live in, and the species that share our space. To this end, we use a range of communication tools to motivate others to apply rewilding principles and restore nature in the space they control, on land and at sea.

Beyond our own advocacy work, we collaborate with those who share our vision and values. This is reflected in our membership of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a coalition of organisations pursuing a major political commitment to rewilding at a scale new to Scotland.

Projects and activities that drive support for rewilding: