The Northwoods Rewilding Network creates more rewilded land across Scotland by bringing together a diverse group of landowners under a shared brand, ideology and agreed set of rewilding principles. Working in close partnership, Northwoods will evolve into a chain of ecologically productive ‘stepping stones’ in which animal and plant communities can develop, expand and disperse into the wider environment.

The network also provides a platform to demonstrate the social and economic benefits of landscapes governed by rewilding principles.


Shared vision

The Northwoods partners vary from small estates and farms to crofts and community woodlands, all with different starting points and aspirations for their rewilding journeys, but brought together by a shared vision for nature recovery across Scotland. The rewilding approach will vary from partner to partner, but all agree to a core set of rewilding principles that will guide their land management decisions.

Focus on medium-sized landholdings

Northwoods doesn’t seek to compete with landscape-scale partnerships elsewhere, but rather to ‘fill in the gaps’ by stitching together a tapestry of ecological nodes and wildlife corridors. The network contributes to national priorities including biodiversity recovery and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Emphasis on social and economic revitalisation

Importantly, Northwoods seeks to marry ecological recovery with the economic and social needs of rural communities, and to provide a platform to demonstrate new land use models.


To enable rewilding to function at the scale necessary to address the dual emergencies of nature loss and climate breakdown, no single organisation can work in isolation.

Northwoods is managed by SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a charity that works to enable the transformational recovery of nature across Scotland. The network’s strength, however, is in the partnerships forged with individual landowners, communities and businesses, all committed to enriching Scotland’s land and seas and creating new opportunities for people.


Who can join?

The Northwoods Rewilding Network brings together an enthusiastic community of progressive landowners, representing a range of land-use and ownership models. This creates a rich and complex network helping us to demonstrate that even with consistent core principles, rewilding can look and feel quite different and still offer valuable benefits to nature, climate and people.

Network partners usually own or manage between 50 and 1000 acres within Scotland. All partners sign up to a Memorandum of Understanding outlining commitments on both sides and the core rewilding principles that underpin the network.  

Benefits of partnership

The emphasis of Northwoods is working closely with land partners to add value and  impact. Drawing on the rewilding knowledge and expertise we have within SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and within our reach, we provide a supportive community for sharing knowledge and experiences.

We deliver tailored support for all partners with a strong focus on:

  • Application of rewilding best practice: Support with accessing expert advice and making the right scientific and practical choices for individual landholdings and landowner aspirations.
  • Financial and business development support: Collaborating with partners to expand their income streams, access funding, and develop nature-based business opportunities to sustain their rewilding.
  • Communications and storytelling resources: Supporting partners to share and showcase their work across a wide audience within a strong and recognisable brand, and to engage with local communities to demonstrate the benefits of rewilding.