Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I host a screening?

The 60-minute film follows Flo, a young Scot from Glasgow, on an intensely personal journey, as she seeks out examples of nature recovery around Europe. Like many of her generation, Flo is concerned by the state of nature and fearful about an uncertain future. However, during her travels, she discovers places where nature is making a spectacular comeback, breathing life back into the landscape and revitalising human communities. Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: Why Not Scotland?

Why Not Scotland? is the central pillar of the Rewilding Nation campaign, led by the Scottish Rewilding Alliance. The campaign calls on Scotland to declare itself the world’s first Rewilding Nation, with nature flourishing across 30% of Scotland’s land and seas.

By hosting a screening, you will help expand the audience for the film and increase its impact. Your audience will have the opportunity to sign the Rewilding Nation Charter, which calls on the Scottish Government to commit to nature flourishing across 30% of Scotland’s land and seas.





How do I host a screening?

Once you have secured a suitable venue and date for your screening, please get in touch so that we can register your event. This ensures you have the optimal film format for your venue and circumstances.

If you are hosting an event at a venue without an auditorium, we recommend screening the film with a projector, a screen (minimum 72") and high-quality sound system. If there is ambient light, you will need to make the room as dark as possible and ensure no reflection or sun across the screen. Also ensure there are no background noises that distract from the film’s audio. You should also ensure where possible that there is adequate seating and access for people with disabilities.

After registration, you'll receive our Support Pack which contains advice on hosting a successful screening event, plus promotional assets.

What format is the film available in?

The film can be supplied in HD .mp4 format (for laptops/computers) or in DCP format (for cinema/some theatres).

Is there a cost for hosting a screening?

There is no cost for screening Why Not Scotland?, but you must register your event and will need to sign a licensing agreement.

Can I get support at my screening?

After registration, you'll receive our Support Pack which contains opening/closing slides, plus suggested wording for introducing the film. We will also send you printed copies of the Rewilding Nation Charter to be made available at your event.

For events with an audience of more than 100, we may be able to supply a speaker/expert, who can introduce the film and answer any questions. If you would like to request a speaker please make this clear when you register your event.

We're sorry but we are unable to provide technical support for independent screenings.

How should I promote my screening?

Our Support Pack contains everything you'll need to promote your event, including posters, images, suggested social media posts etc.

What languages is Why Not Scotland? availabe in?

The film is currently available in English. A subtitled version is available on request.