Scotland is home to millions of voices, each propelled by different priorities and values. Rewilding has come a long way in the last decade or so, but its future rests with people: it’s as much a change in mindset as it is a physical change to the land or sea.

We are committed to informing and inspiring fresh thinking around the potential of a rewilded Scotland, but we also recognise that for many people, perceiving the Scottish landscape differently isn’t an easy shift in thinking. Some people believe that rewilding is a mechanism for creating a wilderness without people, dominated by impenetrable forest populated by large carnivores.

Building Bridges seeks to dispel the notion that rewilding has to be a choice between nature and people. By building bridges across traditional cultural boundaries, we can create new, shared solutions that work for both.


  • Conversations around rewilding can be fractious, blocking pathways to positive change. Building knowledge, sharing stories and listening to different perspectives can help open these pathways.
  • A narrative of despair and division rarely propels people into behavioural change. Instead, we need to find common ground and unite around positive visions of new tomorrows.
  • Scotland has a critical role to play in the global loss of biodiversity, and rewilding is an important mechanism in that process. This is however, a journey. Rewilding doesn’t happen quickly and neither should it happen without people’s support.


You can help us build bridges by creating more resources to engage with a wide range of individuals and interest groups.

Let’s rewrite nature’s story. Together.