SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a founding member of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a collaboration between charities, landowners and community groups who share a mission to enable rewilding at a scale new to Scotland.

A Rewilding Nation

The Alliance is calling on Scotland to become the world’s first Rewilding Nation, with 30% of its land and seas committed to rewilding principles by 2030, in order to secure a sustainable future for local communities.

The Rewilding Nation campaign presents a bold vision and makes the case for a Rewilding Nation Bill: a landmark piece of legislation that creates a blueprint for the large-scale restoration of nature across Scotland.

Why NOT Scotland?

Alongside detailed policy briefings on what changes are required to become a Rewilding Nation, the bedrock of the campaign is an inspirational and compelling feature documentary, which seeks to inform and influence Scotland's forthcoming Natural Environment Bill.

Why NOT Scotland? explores how attitudes towards wild nature are changing across mainland Europe. In many places, vast forests and wetlands are being restored, rivers set free from centuries of human constraint and large carnivores like lynx and wolves are returning to areas where they’ve not been seen in generations. And as nature returns to Europe’s landscapes, so too do people, drawn to new opportunities in a diverse nature-based economy.

If rewilding can happen at scale in Europe, then Why NOT Scotland? 

Why NOT Scotland? will be released in early 2024.