Why Not Scotland? - Glen Affric


20 March 2024 | #HopeIntoAction 

Each year the global rewilding community comes together to raise awareness of rewilding and celebrate the hope that it offers, in the face of the growing climate and biodiversity crises.

Rewilding offers hope for nature, climate and people

  • Rewilding works to revitalise dynamic natural processes, driving the recovery of Scotland’s nature.
  • Rewilding is a vital tool in the fight against climate change, by restoring ecosystem health and locking away carbon.
  • Rewilding presents new hope for sustainable business, strong communities and public wellbeing. 


In 2024, World Rewilding Day celebrates the people who are walking the rewilding talk and turning #HopeIntoAction - people like Flo, the star of our brand new documentary, Why Not Scotland?

Flo is a young Scot from Glasgow. Struck by the depleted state of nature in her native country, she journeys across Europe, where she encounters places where nature is making a dramatic comeback. Inspired by a sense of hope and renewal, she is prompted to ask: If this is possible elsewhere, then Why Not Scotland?

This World Rewilding Day, we asked Flo why rewilding gives her hope and how we can all take action to make more rewilding happen.

Take action this World Rewilding Day

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