Our vision is of a vast network of rewilded land and water across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.


This is what our vision looks like…

  • An interconnected system of wild forests is expanding, improving soil quality, water absorption and climate regulation, whilst allowing animals greater freedom to roam.
  • Tree-lined rivers are encouraged to meander as they want, collecting natural debris that enriches the water for insects, fish and birds.
  • A greater diversity and abundance of wildlife is thriving, including key native species such as beaver and lynx. 
  • Natural processes are understood, valued and functioning efficiently to shape significant parts of our land and seas.
  • Extensive areas of peatland have been repaired to store carbon, purify water and mitigate flood risk, and are hosting a full complement of moorland species, including raptors.
  • At sea, a wider network of Marine Protected Areas is established, and a healthier marine environment is supporting greater numbers of indicator species such as whales and dolphins.
  • Vibrant communities are thriving in a diverse nature-based economy that integrates their economic and social needs with the long-term restoration of species and habitats.