NRN PARTNER: Glassie Farm


Aberfeldy, Tayside
Area Committed:
90 acres

Glassie Farm sits in 90 acres of pasture and woodland in Strathtay, with commanding views over the town of Aberfeldy.  A fast-flowing burn traverses a felled conifer plantation before tumbling through hazel and oak woods towards the valley floor. Active farming ceased here over a decade ago, and now commercial activity focuses on “The bunkhouse” self-catering accommodation. The owners have been active in driving wildlife connectivity by planting “tree corridors” linking different areas of the site. Community access is encouraged on the mountain-biking trails and walks that cross the site.

Key rewilding commitments:

  • MORE NATIVE WOODLAND: Plant mixed broadleaves, fruit trees and Scots pine in protected enclosures.
  • MORE SPACE FOR WATER: Create new scrapes and leaky dams/ponds.
  • JOINED UP HABITATS: Continue to create woodland corridors in linear enclosures linking fragmented habitat; remove redundant fencing.
  • CONNECT WITH COMMUNITIES: Encourage local community to enjoy the landscape through the installation of benches, tables and paths.
  • CREATE REWILDING BUSINESS: Continue development of low-impact rural accommodation enterprise and involvement with mountain bike tourism

If we can leave nature richer, provide for ourselves, and at the same time benefit the local community, then we will have made a positive difference.” 

Julian Rickard and Louise Oliphant, Owners