We believe that young people’s voices should be heard and valued, and that they should influence decision making and drive change. This is why we are recruiting a team of 20 inspirational young people to be our NextGen rewilders. 

NextGen rewilders are young volunteers who will support SCOTLAND: The Big Picture in promoting our vision of a vast network of rewilded land across Scotland where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.

Ideally you will have a passion for wildlife and the natural world. Specific experience and knowledge of rewilding is not necessary as we will provide you with a mentor and learning opportunities.



We are looking for a diverse group of young people (15-24) living in Scotland who want to:

  • support us to develop a rewilding Youth Advocacy Strategy
  • support us to develop rewilding learning resources
  • inspire and educate other young people about rewilding
  • encourage engagement with our work through social media, friends and family
  • act as role models for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

In order to support you, we will:

  • support and mentor you via our Rewilding Reachout Coordinator
  • invite you to regular learning opportunities (including day events, residential weekends and webinars)
  • invite you to regular online NextGen team meetings
  • offer complimentary invitations to our rewilding conferences and events
  • provide references, where appropriate

You will also receive:


If you would like to be considered for our NextGen programme, you live in Scotland and are aged between 15 and 24, please email us.

Please provide your name, age, any relevant social media channels and an answer to the following question: 

Why would you like to be a NextGen rewilder? (200 words or 2 minute video max.) 

All views expressed by our NextGen on their social media channels, blogs and websites are their own.

Unfortunately, we are not currently taking on any more NextGen on as our programme is now full. However, we do have a reserves list should you wish to still apply where places may become available in the future. 

Supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund