Scots Pine and saplings on heather moorland in summer, Cairngorms National Park


We believe that young people’s voices should be heard and valued, and that they should influence our decision-making and help to drive change. This is why we are teaming up with some inspirational young conservationists to be our NextGen rewilders. 

We provide mentoring resources to assist their conservation ambitions, and to support them in promoting our vision of a vast network of rewilded land across Scotland where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.


This is what we ask of you:

  • That you inspire and educate other young people (and some old) about rewilding.
  • That you encourage engagement with our work through social media, friends and family.
  • That you write short articles/blogs on things you’re involved with.
  • That you explore becoming involved with local projects that aim for a wilder tomorrow.
  • That you act as role models for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and when convenient, support our talks, events and activities.
  • That you influence SCOTLAND: The Big Picture projects and policy.
  • That you help further develop the NextGen programme.

We will always endeavour to support you in these activities and where possible, help you develop your skills and confidence. You will never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with unless of course you want the challenge!

This is what we will do in return:

  • We will provide you with a mentor from our team.
  • We will endeavour to help nurture your path into a nature-based career.
  • We can provide funding for agreed projects.
  • We will invite you to an annual NextGen residential weekend.
  • We provide a private social media group to allow you to keep in touch with your mentor as well as other members of the NextGen team.
  • We offer complimentary invitations to our rewilding conferences and events.
  • We provide references, where appropriate.

You will also receive:

  • A photo print of your choice.
  • A SCOTLAND: The Big Picture t-shirt.
  • A complimentary signed copy of our Scotland: A Rewilding Journey.
  • Our monthly newsletter, updating you on rewilding news.


If you would like to be considered for our NextGen programme, you live in Scotland and are aged between 12 and 25, please email us. Please provide your name, any social media channels and an answer to the following question: 

Why would you like to be a NextGen rewilder? (200 words max.)

All views expressed by our NextGen on their social media channels, blogs and web sites are their own.