Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my rewilding journey?

The first and most valuable contribution we can all make to limit the impact of climate change, is to reduce our carbon footprint. There is a wealth of information online to help with this. Investing in rewilding is an additional mechanism to lock away the carbon created through your business.

How does rewilding lock away carbon?

The restoration of natural habitats, such as native woodlands, peatlands, wetlands and saltmarshes, creates a carbon sink. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is effectively trapped within the plants and soil in a process known as carbon sequestration.

How does my support help wildlife?

Much of Scotland’s natural habitat is diminished, degraded and fragmented. Rewilding seeks to expand, revitalise and connect existing habitats, as well as creating new ones. In doing so, new opportunities emerge to increase the abundance and diversity of life in our landscapes.

How does my support help people?

Native woodland cleans our air and water. Healthy peatlands store carbon. Re-naturalised rivers slow the flow of water, reducing the impact of flooding. All of these invaluable ‘services’ and many more, are provided when ecosystems are healthy and intact. What’s more, rewilding can create high-quality jobs in remote rural communities.

How much do I have to invest?

We ask that businesses contribute a minimum of £500 per year to the Fund, but the exact amount is a choice dictated by the size of your business and its priorities in supporting positive change. We suggest an early conversation with us to discuss the most cost effective and impactful approach.

Where is my investment spent?

All contributions to the Fund are invested in rewilding actions within our Northwoods Rewilding Network. The network brings together more than 50 land partners across Scotland, including farms, crofts, small estates and community landholdings, all committed to nature recovery.

Is this a carbon offsetting offer?

We consider the Fund to be a catalyst for nature recovery and therefore, distinct from simply compensating for carbon emissions created elsewhere. All of the rewilding actions supported by the Fund help to lock away carbon and mitigate the impact of climate breakdown, as well as having wider benefits to biodiversity and people.

How do I know my investment is making a difference?

We monitor and measure change across the Northwoods Rewilding Network and report annually on the impact that your support has helped bring about.

What other benefits does my business receive?

Your contribution to the Fund should be regarded as a charitable donation, enabling more rewilding to happen. There are a range of optional benefits available to investors to further engage with SBP, but these are not included as part of a donation and should be regarded as an additional service and subject to vat, where applicable. We suggest an early conversation with us to discuss how to optimise your investment.

How much does the media pack cost?

The media package as outlined will be charged at £250+vat. Other benefits are costed individually according to the service provided. 

Can my team visit the rewilding site(s)?

The accessibility of sites across the Northwoods Network varies, but for those that are accessible, we welcome team visits and where appropriate, practical activities such as tree planting. We offer corporate away days at a number of sites and residential rewilding experiences from our base in the Cairngorms.

How can I tell the story of the change that my support has made?

We believe passionately in the power of storytelling and our talented team of writers, photographers and filmmakers, can bring to life the rewilding successes that your investment brings about.

Are there other ways for my business to support rewilding?

If an investment in the Northwoods Rewilding Fund isn’t for you, there are many other ways to support the recovery of nature in Scotland.

  • Tell your staff, suppliers and customers about SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and the work we do.
  • Get your colleagues together and book an exclusive rewilding experience in the Cairngorms National Park.
  • Make SCOTLAND: The Big Picture your charity of the year.
  • Sponsor one of our inspiring events or create your own business fundraiser.