Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for considering a gift in your Will to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Below are answers to some of the common questions we are asked about charitable giving and Wills.

How do I include a gift in my Will to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture?

It’s easy to include a gift in your Will. The most important information to include is our charity name, address and registered charity number. This makes it clear that you intend your gift to be received by us to fund our future work.

  • Name: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
  • Address: Ballintean, Glenfeshie, Kingussie, PH21 1NX
  • Charity number: SC050432

Can I make a difference?

Absolutely. There is a common misconception that you need to be very wealthy to include a gift in your Will – but this isn’t the case. Once you have taken care of those closest to you, a small percentage of your remaining estate will make a huge difference to our work. 

What if I don’t have a Will?

Writing your Will and keeping it up to date is the best way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out after you die. We always recommend that you speak to a practicing solicitor when preparing your Will. You can find a registered professional through one of the organisations listed below:

I have a Will already; what should I do?

Updating or making minor alterations to your Will is easy. We recommend contacting your solicitor and letting them know of the changes you’d like to make. 

What are the different types of gift I can make?

There are several different ways to leave a gift in your Will:

  • Residuary gift: This is when you leave a portion of your estate, after all fees, taxes, debts and other gifts have been paid. Many people leave residuary gifts to ensure that those closest to them are taken care of first.
  • Pecuniary gift: This is when you leave a fixed sum of money.
  • Specific gift: This is when you leave a specific item, for example a property or a piece of art. 

Are there any tax benefits to leaving a charitable gift in my Will?

All charitable gifts in Wills are exempt from inheritance tax. You may wish to discuss other ways of minimising the tax burden on your estate with your solicitor. Please note that Gift Aid does not apply to gifts in Wills.

Can I choose what my gift is spent on?

Most gifts to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture are unrestricted and allow us to use the funds where the need is greatest. However, we understand that you may wish for your gift to go towards an area of our work that you are particularly passionate about. If this is the case, please share this information in your Will, and we promise to do our best to spend your gift according to your wishes. 

I would like donations to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture at my funeral in lieu of flowers. How can I make sure this happens?

You may prefer to ask for donations in lieu of flowers. If this is stated in your Will, your executors can make sure your wishes are carried out. We advise discussing this with your solicitor whilst making your Will.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is not in any way providing you with legal advice, these FAQs are for general informational purposes only - please speak with a solicitor for the most up to date information.