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The Lynx and Us (ebook)

The Lynx and Us (ebook)


ISBN: 978-0-9568423-2-9
Author: David Hetherington and Laurent Geslin.
Size: 240mm x 290mm landscape orientation
Pages: 170


Unlike wolves and bears that weaved their way into our childhood consciousness, the lynx is largely unknown to us. What do these secretive ambush hunters look like? What do they eat? How do they live? And how do they get on with people?

Using examples from across Europe, ‘The Lynx and Us’ describes how this enigmatic predator is recovering lost ground and, crucially, what that means for the human population in this, the busiest of continents.

As wolves, bears and lynx return to landscapes across the Continent, it seems likely that Britain will be the last corner of Europe without any of its missing large predators. This book concludes therefore, with a question: What would it mean to live once more alongside Europe’s largest cat, the Eurasian lynx?

Dive in and find out.