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MeWilding: Rewild Your Life

MeWilding: Rewild Your Life

Author:Polly Pullar
Size:210mm x 210mm


Rewilding is a journey for everyone. Whether you have thousands of hectares, a farm, a woodland, a garden the size of a matchbox, or no garden at all, you can contribute. 

MeWilding is packed with information and easy to follow ideas. It encourages us all to let wild into our everyday lives, to inform our choices and consider our actions. And, to nurture the thought that 'small' matters too.

We want as many people as possible to have a copy of MeWilding. We know you will appreciate that books are expensive to write, illustrate and publish and we’re a not-for-profit company, so we’d like you to pay us something for MeWilding. However, we are not going to insist. We would like you to pay us what you feel it’s worth to you. You can pay us £5, you can pays us £10, you can pay us £30 - you decide.

We really hope you are inspired by MeWilding and remember, rewilding is not for someone else, it’s for everyone.