Our values guide the way we work and our relationship with our partners, funders, supporters and wider interest groups.

  • We are strategic. 
    Our vision is ambitious and inspiring, but we focus on what we’re good at and work hard to create efficient ways of working that allow us to move quickly and deliver maximum impact.
  • We are solutions-focused.
    We don’t ignore the very obvious challenges the world faces, but we are forward-looking, creative and driven by a narrative of hope and possibility.
  • We are collaborators.
    We are open and agile, willing to break new ground and welcoming of collaboration with others where the pooling of skills and knowledge will create better outcomes.
  • We are fair and respectful.
    We are informed by the latest science, but we recognise that different people’s choices and cultural values are an integral element of Scotland’s rewilding journey. We therefore act at all times with integrity and engage others with respectful dialogue.