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25 November 2015

Scotland: The Big Picture
Scotland: The Big Picture
It's fair to say that "rewilding" has become a real buzzword in recent years but what does it mean exactly? That depends on who you ask of course, but most people agree that rewilding represents a more ambitious, pro-active approach to nature conservation. Instead of preserving tiny fragments of habitat here and there, rewilding seeks to repair and re-connect more expansive landscapes to allow natural processes to take hold and shape the nature of the future. It sounds like a lengthy and costly process and it is. So why bother? And why Scotland?

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a new multimedia initiative to articulate and amplify the case for a wilder Scotland. We're glad to have you on board!


You can't bake a great cake without great ingredients. The raw material for our books, films and multimedia relies on working with photographers and cameramen who posess unique skills and have a deep understanding of their subject. We're delighted to be already working with this great team.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is all about storytelling: using visual media tied to compelling narratives to inspire more people to see the potential of a wilder Scotland.  Check out the first three photo essays in this developing series:

REWILDING SCOTLAND: Alan Watson Featherstone HERE

LIVING WITH LYNX: David Hetherington HERE

HUNTED: Amy-Jane Beer HERE


Predator-prey interactions are vital to a fully-functioning landscape and in Scotland, a key player in that process is the Scottish wildcat, one of Britain's most endangered mammals. SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is working with Scottish Wildcat Action - a nationwide conservation initiative - to help put wildcats and their precarious existence, in the public eye.

Rewilding Britain, the recently-formed charity dedicated to rewilding, has appointed its first Scotland Director. David Balharry will be known to many in the conservation and land management sector and will be heading up the charity's activities in Scotland. More here.

George Monbiot, author, journalist and one of the driving forces behind Rewilding Britain, recently addressed the UK National Parks Conference about how our Parks are managed. You can see his take-no-prisoners presentation here.

We're on Facebook providing up-to-date images, films and reports from the field. Most of our photographers are on Twitter and you can stay on the case using #ScotlandTBP.


This is a big ask. A really big ask. In order to fully illustrate Scotland's landscape - both the splendour and the challenges it faces - we need to shoot it from above. We already employ our own drones for this but for very remote work, the only real answer is a light aircraft or preferably, a helicopter. We would very much like to work with an independent pilot/owner who shares our passion to make Scotland a wilder place. Please do contact us if you're in a position to help.