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The Big Picture stills archive covers Scottish wildlife, landscapes and facets of land management associated with ecological restoration. New images and image stories are being continually added and this library will develop into a one-stop image hub to support the case for a wilder Scotland. 

Image packages are available at discounted rates for not-for-profit organisations.


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Video Vault

The Big Picture Video Vault will develop into a one-stop hub of HD footage to support the case for a wilder Scotland. We specialise in aerial footage and high-quality timelapse sequences. In addition to being used for in-house films, video clips can be licensed directly with discounted packages available for not-for-profit organisations.


Tear Sheets


Above all else, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture exists to tell informed and engaging stories. We do our research; we respond quickly; we conduct ourselves professionally and we deliver tightly-edited text accompanied by stunning imagery across a wide variety of media.

Check out our storytelling channel on Maptia and download the features below for personal/education use.

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From concept to delivery, we think up bright ideas, write scripts, shoot video, record sound, and produce visually rich, compelling films that inform and inspire. We’re passionate people and we want our films to make people give a damn.

On the Move


SCOTLAND: The Big Picture - An Introduction


Filming and photographing for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture has taken the team from Scotland’s spectacular mountaintops to its most dramatic coastlines and pretty much everywhere in between. Golden eagles, beavers, ospreys and pine martens are amongst the stars in this spellbinding presentation, which not only showcases Scotland’s beauty and drama but frames a compelling storyline and an exciting vision for the future.

If you think you know Scotland, think again.

Hosting the SCOTLAND: The Big Picture multimedia presentation provides an engaging and inspiring experience for meeting, conference and event audiences, as well as supporting the project’s continuation.

To enquire about fees and availability, please contact Peter Cairns.*

T: 01540 651352

 * Available from September 2017

"You were brilliant - as much for what you said and how you said it, as for the spectacular images."
Stuart Brooks, CEO, John Muir Trust

Book covers


Over the years landmark conservation books around the world, have played a key role in influencing societal mindset and political policy. National Parks have been established, climate change policies accelerated and awareness of forgotten species reignited. The combination of engaging words with stunning imagery in a book with high production values, can unlock doors to exciting new conversations and collaborations.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is currently working on a series of books in partnership with leading rewilding bodies. For more information please contact


Creative Communications 

In addition to the media services above we design and produce the following:

- Websites

- Booklets/brochures

- AV presentations

- Graphics

- Exhibitions

- On-site interpretations