Crested tit (Parus cistatus) backlit in pine forest, Glenfeshie, Scotland.


"Scotland could be a world leader in restoring its broken ecosystems but we have to look beyond convention and see rewilding as a huge opportunity.”
Ron Neville, Chair of Trustees

Making rewilding happen for nature, climate and people

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture works to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding, in response to the growing climate and biodiversity crises.

To make rewilding happen, we work to:



Showcasing positive stories to demonstrate how rewilding looks and works, and the benefits it can deliver, is a core element of our work, which spans all of our activities - from our writing, films and presentations, to our rewilding experiences, engagement events and practical projects.

We believe that reaching out to a diverse audience with varied interests and backgrounds, is crucial in driving support for rewilding as a solution to the climate and biodiversity crises.

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Through partnerships with a wide range of land managers, we increase the area of land and water committed to rewilding. By connecting people to the relevant expertise and resources both within SBP and through our wider network, we support and enable changes in land use and management.

Through our communications and advocacy, we inspire others to apply rewilding principles and restore nature in their own space, which can range from a large estate to a community garden.

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SBP advocates for the re-establishment of fully functioning ecosystems, governed by dynamic natural processes, and recognises the role of all species – including missing native species - in sustaining functioning food webs and other ecological interactions.

We therefore, work with our land partners and like-minded organisations to expand the range of existing species and return missing native species to our ecosystems. We are committed to doing so in a spirit of collaboration, bridging divided opinions where they exist and creating the conditions that allow threatened and lost species to thrive alongside people in Scotland.

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We recognise that in many situations, ecological recovery is only possible when it works in tandem with, and benefits, vibrant rural communities.

We develop sustainable, nature-based business models to establish rewilding as a legitimate and economically viable land use in Scotland, and we share the stories of those who have already found ways to make rewilding financially sustainable.

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