What we do

Our job is to win hearts and minds. We tell stories that integrate science with creativity. Our goal is to motivate fresh thinking and to ignite new conversations about the benefits of a wilder Scotland.

How we do that

We work with a range of partners and clients to produce innovative films, books, photo-stories, presentations and education resources, all designed to inform, inspire and influence positive change.

Who we are

Our team of professional photographers, filmmakers, writers, designers and educators are all motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems across Scotland. We work as a Social Enterprise, on a not-for-profit basis, meaning that we have no shareholders and that any financial surplus is ploughed back into amplifying the case for a wilder Scotland.

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Our vision

Our work contributes to the establishment of an interconnected network of rewilded land across large parts of Scotland, in which wildlife and people prosper.

Over time, the ability of Scotland’s land and sea to sustain life has been diminished. We believe that improved ecological understanding will allow us to see new opportunities in a landscape where:


  • There is an expanding network of wild forests supporting improved biodiversity, soil quality, water absorption and climate regulation.
  • A greater diversity of wildlife is thriving, including key species such as beaver and lynx.
  • Natural processes are valued and functioning efficiently to shape significant parts of our landscape, providing tangible benefits to a wide range of people.
  • Extensive areas of peatland have been repaired to store more carbon and mitigate flood risk and are hosting a full complement of moorland species, including raptors.
  • At sea, a wider network of Marine Protected Areas is established and a healthier marine environment is supporting a greater number of indicator species such as whales and dolphins.
  • Vibrant communities are thriving by integrating their economic and social needs with the long-term restoration of species and habitats.

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