The Lynx and Us

What would it be like to live with Lynx ?

As wolves, bears and lynx return to landscapes across the Continent, it seems likely that Britain will be the last corner of Europe without any of its missing large predators.

Join Dr David Hetherington, author of The Lynx and Us, for a spellbinding presentation of lynx facts, insights and stunning imagery, all aiming to answer the question: What would it be like to live alongside Europe’s largest cat, the Eurasian lynx?

The Lynx and Us

What would it be like to live alongside lynx? 

For centuries we’ve grown used to life without the large carnivores that once roamed the British countryside but today, with greater appreciation of the role of predator-prey interactions in healthy living systems, there are increasing calls for their return. Unlike wolves and bears that weaved their way into our childhood consciousness, lynx are largely unknown to us. So what does this secretive ambush hunter look like? What does it do? And how might it fit back into a landscape where it’s been absent for so long?

David Hetherington has spent over a decade following the fortunes of an expanding lynx population in mainland Europe. In this presentation he offers a fascinating insight into how lynx and people interact elsewhere, his commentary perfectly complemented by Laurent Geslin’s spectacular collection of wild lynx images.

What would it be like to live alongside lynx? Come along and find out



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