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"Scotland could be a world leader in restoring its broken ecosystems but we have to look beyond convention and see rewilding as a huge opportunity.” 
Peter Cairns, Executive Director.

  • Scotland’s native pinewoods cover just 3% of their natural range.

    Centuries of felling, burning and overgrazing means that the vast wild forest, which once stretched almost from summit to sea, is reduced to just tiny, isolated fragments.

  • Scottish wildcats are clinging on by a claw.

    Our only remaining native cat teeters on the brink of extinction. Habitat loss, persecution and inter-breeding with feral cats has taken the Highland Tiger to the edge.

  • 80% of Scotland’s peatlands are degraded.

    Huge expanses of Scotland’s peatlands have been drained and burned releasing carbon into the atmosphere and increasing the flow of water into rivers.

  • All of Scotland’s large carnivores are extinct.

    Apex predators are a crucial element in a healthy ecosystem. Lynx, wolves and bears are now recolonising much of mainland Europe, but here they remain absent.

  • 50% of Scotland’s rivers are in poor health.

    Scotland has more than 125,000 km of rivers and streams but many have been diverted, straightened, deepened, embanked, dammed and reinforced, leading to a devastating loss of biodiversity.

  • 189

    Of 218 countries worldwide measured for their biodiversity intactness, Britain ranks 189. We have become one of the most nature-depleted countries on the planet.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a non-profit organisation that works with a diverse range of people to make rewilding happen, at many different levels, across Scotland.

Our mission is to catalyse the transformational change in thinking required so that Scotland is no longer a nature-depleted nation, but a world leader in ecological restoration.


It’s time to rewrite nature’s story.


Scotland’s ecological decline is not inevitable. We have the tools to become a world-leading rewilding nation, where nature in all its complexity is reawakened. Established in 2016, we became the first organisation in Scotland wholly dedicated to communicating the benefits of rewilding and bringing the conversation into the mainstream.

Today, as a small and fleet-footed group, our task is to unite people around a shared vision and to promote rewilding as a huge opportunity and an integral part of a fair and progressive society. We are not however, in the business of telling people what to think. Adapting to change and seeing the landscape differently is not an easy shift in thinking for everyone, so we work with honesty and transparency, and within a respectful dialogue that recognises different people's values and priorities.


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