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"Scotland could be a world leader in restoring its broken ecosystems but we have to look beyond convention and see rewilding as a huge opportunity.”
Ron Neville, Chair of Trustees

Our vision is of a vast network of rewilded land and water across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.


With 20 years’ experience in conservation media and communications, our core team established SCOTLAND: The Big Picture in 2016. Recognising that large areas of land and sea could benefit from a different future, we became the first organisation in Scotland wholly dedicated to championing rewilding, igniting fresh thinking and helping to mainstream the rewilding conversation.

Today, as an ambitious, fleet-footed charity, our mission is to enable the transformational recovery of Scotland’s nature to benefit wildlife, climate and people. We work in a spirit of collaboration with many different interest groups, to promote, support and enable rewilding.

It’s time to rewrite nature’s story.


At its core, rewilding is a choice influenced by people’s values, priorities and motivations. Many people see the recovery of Scotland’s nature as an integral part of a progressive and healthy society, while others perceive rewilding as a threat to traditional land management and livelihoods.

We recognise that rewilding represents a change in how we relate to nature, and that change rarely comes without its challenges. Our business is not about telling people what to think and do. Instead, we look for solutions within a shared vision of restoration and recovery.

Rewilding cannot be rolled out at the scale necessary to address climate breakdown and biodiversity loss without the support of land managers, who are so often portrayed as the problem when in fact, they are an essential part of the solution.


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